Tri Unit YBA Conference June 1944 
Tri Unit YBA Conference June 1944
Tri Unit YBA Conference June 1944 
 Tri Unit YBA Conference June 1944

Tri Unit YBA Conference June 1944 
YBA Conference photos courtesy of the Charles Sawabe family
Poston II Buddhist Church 
Front (L-R): __________, _______, and ________. Standing (L-R): _________; ________; Rev. Yoshio Iwanaga (block 219) evacuee from Watsonville; and _________.  
Rev. Yoshio Iwanaga (block 219) Poston II Buddhist Church.
He became the administrator of the Watsonville Buddhist Temple hostel after returning to the church in 1945.

 Christian Sunday School Block 211 1943
 Front row (L-R): _____, _____, ____, _____, _____, and _____.
Middle row (L-R): _____, ____, ____, _____, _____, ____, and Laye Ikeda.
Back row (L-R): ____, _____, Albert Bunji Ikeda, ____, _____, _____, _____, and Bobby Tokiwa.
Photo scan courtesy of A. Bunji Ikeda

Camp II Christian Church

Rev. William Kobayashi (5-10-D) evacuee from Los Angeles; 
Poston II Christian Church Young People's Minister
Photo courtesy L. (Nagata) Kiyomoto
                                                           Camp III Christian Church

   Father Clement's Maryknoll Catholic Church

                                                                      The Catholic Alter 
At the center of the lace-covered altar is a tabernacle topped by a crucifix. 
There is a door is to the left of the altar and dark cloth hangs behind it. 
Poston, Ariz.  Circa. 1945

    Maryknoll Catholic Church
Poston, Ariz. 1945

              Summer school group taught by Maryknoll Sisters Gerard and Eucharia. 
            The sign above the door reads "Maryknoll Center Catholic Mission."  
             Poston, Ariz.  Circa  1945

          Group of smiling girls standing in front of the doors to the Catholic Chapel.  
          Poston, Ariz.   Circa 1945

                                              Gold Star Mothers at Poston, Arizona.  

      The young ladies are the daughters of these families whose boys are in the
                      Armed Forces - many of them killed in action. Circa. 1945

(Left) Sister Eucharia and the summer school children.
  Poston, Ariz.  Circa 1945
Close-up photograph of three young girls in front of the Catholic chapel.   
Poston, Ariz.  Circa  1945

Maryknoll Catholic Church photos courtesy of the University of Southern California. Libraries/ Maryknoll Mission Archives

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