Before Executive Order 9066

These are all the Japanese American children attending Alisal Grammar School just before the evacuation. Alisal is a school district just east of center city Salinas. The school was located at Del Monte Ave & Williams Road.  This photo was especially requested by E. L. Low, school principal.

Japanese Americans children were sent to Salinas Assembly Center, then to Poston, Arizona. This photo taken just before entering the Salinas Assembly Center in April 1942 and shipped to Poston, Arizona via train on July 4, 1942. This photo (56 JAs) appeared in the 1942 Alisal Union School Yearbook.

1st graders
Hada, Eiko [1st row, 4th in from L]
Ikeda, Laye [1st row, 6th in from L]
Kondo, Isao
Mayeda, Akiko
Mukai, Toichi
Yonahira, Satako

2nd Graders
Ikeda, A. Bunji [1st row, 6th in from R]
Oshita, Mutsuo [1st row, 4th in from R]
Ikeda, Simona Yuriko [2nd row, 6th in from L]
Takemoto, Sadeo

3rd Graders
Kamatani, Joshio
Kido, Sukaye
Kondo, Sally
Mayeda, Kiku
Tabuchi, Shinobu
Taniguchi, Yasuye [2nd row, 9th in from L]
Taramura, Emiko
Yonemoto, Lucille

4th Graders
Hada, Miyoko [2nd row, 2nd in from L]
Ikeda, Faye [2nd row, 7th in from L]
Yonemoto, Hirato

5th Grade 
(names are needed)

6th Graders
Taniguchi, Natsuko [2rd row, 10th in from L]
(some names are missing)

7th Graders
Gyotoku, Akimi
Gyotoku, Tamatsu
Hikida, Yoneko
Kondo, Joe
Mukai, George
Nishimura, Herbert
Yonehira, Ryie
Yonemoto, Lily
Yonemoto, Take

8th Graders
Taniguchi, Itsuko Eddy [3rd row, 5th in from L], Poston Block  220
(some names are missing)

Information and photo submitted by Albert Ikeda.

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